Why is it so difficult to keep a cel framed without damaging it ?

A cel is a combination of very fragile materials. You have the “plastic” used for a cel (tri-acetate of cellulose), the paint used on a cel (gouache), you can also have a paper background (cellulose) and an other type of paint used on the background(acrylic).

Different types of techniques specifically made for the conservation of each of these components already exist, but the real problem is all these techniques are incompatible with one another! You cannot use them together or one of the material of your cel will get damaged.

That’s why for years, there were no ways to keep a cel framed for a very long time without having the paint crack or the plastic starting to wave or the black line starting to fade, ect…

This is finally possible! To do so, we had no other choice than to create a new type of material, our exclusive CelSafe Technology™, by fusing state of the art materials in museum conservation at a molecular level. With this new combination of materials, we have achieved the elimination of every issue that existed before!

To go even further, during our scientific research and laboratory tests, we realized that our frame system is just the best way to keep a cel, period! Even a good acid free portfolio is no match compare to our framing system.

All our Frame Kits use our exclusive CelSafe Technology™

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CelSafe Technology™ Frame Kit content

CelSafe Technology™ Frame Kit advantages.

  • Vinegar Syndrome protection
  • Maximum Museum grade UV Filter “glass” 
  • Humidity buffer 
  • Highest Aluminium Museum grade quality frame 
  • No armful dye or glue anywhere 
  • Frame NOT sealed to keep your cel breathing 
  • User friendly Framing kit 

Art display options

Cel composition possibilities

Every CelSafe Technology™ frame kit can display your favorite cel the way you want to, with many different options that are included in every kit. We know that each cel is different, that’s why we have created a frame kit that can adapt to most specific needs. This will maximize the visual impact of your framed cel.

With 3 different Mat Board sizes opening that are included in our frame kit , you will find the perfect way to display your art!

“As seen on screen” opening

By using all 3 Mat Boards included in our frame kit , your cel will appear as seen on your TV or in theater.

“As seen on screen” 3 Mat Boards

“Intermediate” opening

By using only 2 Mat Boards included in our frame kit , you will see a little more art of your cel .

“Intermediate” 2 Mat Boards

“Full” opening

By using only 1 Mat Board included in our frame kit , you will see most art of your cel .

“Full” 1 Mat Board

Mat Board and Back Board color options

Find the best color that suits your cel!
With black or white Mat Board and Back Board options , you can create the perfect combination that will make your art looks amazing!

White Mat Boards
White Mat Boards with Black Back Board

Black Mat Boards
Black Mat Boards with White Back Board

“3D Effect”

If your cel has one or 2 unstuck layers, you can even create a fantastic “3D effect” that will make your art pop from the wall!
By simply placing one or 2 layers of your cel between the Mat Boards, you can easily create a deepness on your art for the best effect!

classic framing
classic framing with background
“3D effect” framing
“3D effect” framing with background

Art Composition Placement Options

Our CelSafe Technology™Frame Kit is created in a way so that your art can be placed inside the Mat Boards opening with a certain degree of free placement that gives you the possibility to get the desired visual composition of your art inside the frame. To do so, we have integrated a margin to place your art inside the frame of around 2.5cm on left and around 2.5cm on the right side. There is also around 3cm on the top side and around 3cm on the bottom side.

Free Handling and Shipping

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We send all our Frame Kits with free shipping. So no bad surprise at the checkout. The total price you pay is just the price of what your order.

All our products are shipped from Japan.

We use EMS. It’s the safest and fastest way to send packages from japan. EMS provide an international tracking number and required a recipient’s signature to get the package.

CelSafe Technology Frame Kit

Standard Sizes

Frame kits for standard Series and Movies size cels with or without Backgrounds.
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CelSafe Technology™

Our exclusive CelSafe Technology™ is a new type of material that was specifically created to protect anime cels.
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Custom Sizes

Frame kits for Oversized cels, Pan cels, Multiple Opening,ect
Tailor made Frame kits that suit your specific desires!
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Frame Kits Gallery

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