How to order?

Two options :

  • Browse our website and pick up items you are interested in, putting them in the cart and checking-out
  • Contact us by using the contact us related to your demand and tell us what products or services you are looking for.
    Do not hesitate to contact us.

What is the actual status of my order?

Your order can have 2 different status:

  1. Processing : we have received your order and it is fully paid. We are preparing your package to be ready to be shipped as soon as possible. This status stays generally less than 72 hours but in rare cases it can stays up to 1 week. If we have any difficulties to process you order , we will contact you .
  2. Completed: Your order has been shipped. You will receive the tracking number related to your order and the EMS Post link to track your package .

How can I update or cancel my order?

As long as the order has not been shipped yet, you can contact us my email for any changes. Once your order has been shipped it is not possible to update it or cancel it.