Frame Kits

Our CelSafe Technology™ Frame Kit is the first Frame Kit system specially designed for animation Art. It features :
⦁ Vinegar Syndrome protection
⦁ Maximum UV filter “glass”
⦁ Humidity buffer
⦁ Aluminium Museum grade frame
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Order Frame Kits

Order our CelSafe Technology™ Frame Kit now and finally frame your lovely animation Art in the safest condition available today and in very stylish way on your wall!
Check all our different options to find the perfect way to display your art at home without any risk of damaging your animation Art!
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CelSafe Technology™

Our exclusive CelSafe Technology™ is a new type of material that was specifically designed to protect animation Art . Our system will prevent any deteriorations of your Art that comes either from outside (dangerous gas, humidity) or inside the frame (vinegar syndrome). It is capable of keeping your Art in perfect shape for hundreds of years.
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In our conservation facility, using high tech laboratory equipment, we offer services for any type of animation Art deterioration like :
⦁ Vinegar Syndrome
⦁ Black line fading
Our unique equipment can keep your Art in the best condition possible for a very long time!
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Vinegar Syndrome

In our conservation facility, after years of research and development, we have created the first treatment against the deterioration caused by the vinegar syndrome. Our exclusive system will stop the degradation process caused by the vinegar syndrome and extend the life of your animation Art for hundred of years!
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Black Line Faded

Under construction.
At Cel Oasis, we will , in the future provide a conservation and restoration service related to one of the most common issue with animation cels : black line faded. This service will give a new youth to your lovely animation cels.
Stay tuned!

Frame Kits Gallery

Check our previous work on various series/movies.
Get some ideas on all the possibilities our CelSafe Technology™ Frame Kits has to offer :
⦁ Series examples
⦁ Movies examples
⦁ 3D Effect
⦁ Dougas / Gengas
⦁ Shijiki
⦁ Custom sizes
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With more than 20 years of experience in animation Art and with our extended network of collectors / sellers, we can provide different types of services :
⦁ Animation Art Authentication to guarantee the genuineness of a your Art.
⦁ Help to find an animation Art of a very specific scene from your favorite anime.
⦁ Value estimation of animation Art or Collection.
Don’t hesitate to contact us for any kind of request!
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Cels For Sale

At Cel Oasis, we are specialized in selling only very high quality cels for serious collectors.
Our main focus is on Miyazaki movies Arts or Dragon Ball / Dragon Ball Z Arts.
But we can occasionally sell other series / movies if the quality of the animation Art is up to our standards.
We will try to update this section as much as we can!
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